Town Hall Feasibility Study

Hazelhurst Town Hall Feasibility Study

The Town of Hazelhurst wanted to conduct a study of the existing town hall facility to identify deficiencies and consider the feasibility of facility improvements to enhance safety, provide operational programmed space, and provide ADA accessibility to the entire facility. Funktion Design Studios developed opinions of construction cost for both renovating the existing building and constructing a new town hall facility, for comparison purposes.

Funktion Design Studio conducted an assessment of the existing facility and held a workshop with stakeholders. Based on the findings, a conceptual plan illustrating the required space needs, site conditions, and department objectives for the existing facility, as well as an “opinion of probable cost” for renovations required to meet those needs was developed. Next, a conceptual modeled perspective and layout plan of a new facility were developed based on the needs discovered in the assessment, and a preliminary “opinion of probable cost” for the new facility concept design was prepared to compare to the cost of renovating the existing building.

Project Features

  • 6,450 square-foot wood framed building
  • 1,985 square-foot community room
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Town offices
  • Separate entries for the town offices and the community room
  • “Wisconsin Northwoods” style of design to blend in with the local architecture

Firm’s Involvement

  • Feasibility study
  • Opinion of probable costs
  • Preliminary design

Project completed by our principals, prior to Funktion Design Studio, LLC, while employed with previous firms.