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Wisconsin Rapids City Hall 2

Wisconsin Rapids City Hall Renovations

The City of Wisconsin Rapids desired to renovate its city hall building in a manner consistent with its commitment to “smart growth” and reducing energy consumption.

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Wausau Airport Nighttime

Wausau Airport Storage

The City of Wausau was in need of a building that could house Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) and an Aircraft Refueler Truck.

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Rothschild Pavilion Restoration Exterior

Rothschild Pavilion Restoration

Disrepair and poor remodeling decisions plagued the Rothschild Pavilion until Funktion Design personnel assisted with plans for the restoration.

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Rothschild Pavilion Elevation

Rothschild Pavilion Facility Study

Investigation for the Village of Rothschild to develop a building evaluation and facility study for the historic Rothschild Pavilion

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Nashville Fire Station

Nashville Community Building

Funktion Design Studios worked with the Town of Nashville to design and construct a low cost, energy-efficient community building.

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Mosinee Fire Footing

Mosinee Fire Station

Funktion Design Studio worked to complete the design, bidding, and oversight for structural and code repairs to the Mosinee Fire station that was originally constructed with deficiencies.

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Mosinee Fire Department

Mosinee Fire Department

The Mosinee Fire District to design and build the Mosinee Fire Station Dormitory Addition. The addition was designed to provide sleeping rooms for Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders.

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